Nathalie and Hugo came to us with a big smile, some shyness and plenty of friendliness! We empathized from the very first moment, with lots of conversation thrown into the mix.

The wedding took place in Casa dos Paços do Balio, a house that belongs to Mosteiro de Leça do Balio. The walls that surround high a building and gardens that ooze history, with wide and imposing stone walls, very ample and cold rooms where, every now and then, the creaking sound of the floors and ceilings.

On the day of the event the morning was rainy, but the sun was soon shining by the time Nathalie arrived at the house in order to get ready for the ceremony. It rained no more. Looking very elegant, the bride wore, underneath her dress, a traditional Portuguese piece of clothing, made of ‘burel’ – an object as functional as exquisite. She also opted for a delicate crown of flowers and eucalyptus. Everyone surrendered to her charms!

It was in this house that the couple gathered family and friends for a lovely and relaxed party, where their interests, travels and moments were shared with all the guests, highlighted in the decorative details that were present in the main room and dining tables.

Such joy to have been a part of this day! Today we recall it fondly.

Thank you, Nathalie and Hugo. Be happy!


A few months from the wedding, Nathalie and Hugo were relaxed, trusting us completely and granting us creative freedom to transform the event space.


May 28, 2016
Event Planning, Coordination and Full Consulting PILAR Events
Event Conception, Design and Decoration PILAR Events
Event Assembly and Disassembly PILAR Events
Event Space Casa dos Paços, Leça do Balio
Floral Art PILAR Events
Catering Silva Carvalho Catering
Burel Hood À Capucha
Graphic Design Óscar Maia
Photography Renato Laínho
Analog Photography Ana Vieira Photography