This project is one of cooperation with a fantastic team, made of incredible people that we love working with! It’s a story told by the best story tellers we have had the chance to meet, The Storytellers.

Citing Bruno Costa, from The Storytellers, because we believe in and share the same vision, “we worked on what was supposed to be an editorial, but ended up being a story about a relationship between two real people. I often mention, especially when we’re in an industry formatted to convince people to have “the best” day of their lives, that any relationship is made of ups and downs, and often the not so good moments leave us with a lesson: they teach us to value the simplest and most beautiful moments, as well as the person we have by our side.”

We thank the whole team, it was so good that we would do it all over again!

A special thank you to Inês and Luís, a real couple we are very fond of, for accepting our proposal immediately, for believing in us, for wanting to help us and for having made their time, will and dedication available!


Initially, it was supposed to be na editorial, but it became a short film. We wanted to work with a real couple and tell what can really happen in a relationship – a fight and the way that, together, they have to go through until making up.


Real Couple Inês Pinheiro and Luís Fernandes
Photography, Video & Storyboard The Storytellers – Bruno Costa, Gustavo Silva, José Fangueiro
Organization, Concept, Design e Scenography PILAR Events
Floral Art PILAR and Isabel Castro Freitas
Jewelery Design Romeu Bettencourt
Accesories Madre, Muy Mucho Porto and PILAR Events
Tapestry TRICANA
Cake Design Baronesa
Makeup Marlene Vinha – Pretty Exquisite Image Consulting
Space Cais Novo, Porto – Nuno Pinto Leite and Joana Lencastre