The dinner took place in the Quintandona village, in Lagares, Penafiel. In a private house always open to hosting new families.

In this house, Casa da Viúva, a big family works, and they all have a fundamental role in its conservation and everyday working. It was in this family space that another fun and relaxed family gathered to celebrate, sing and dance.

The “thank yous”, the laughter, the smiles and the fun offered confirmation that we couldn’t have picked a better place for this gathering. Now it’s our turn to thank you, Family of Bandoleiros.


Those who come to this house come back, be it for the traditional Portuguese food, for the fun, environment or the details.


July 11, 2015
Event Planning, Concept, Design and Decoration PILAR Events
Event Space Casa da Viúva, Aldeia de Quintandona, Lagares, Penafiel
Graphic Design André do Estaminé
Catering Melo’s Family – Casa da Viúva
Photography Bruno Costa (The Storytellers) e Álvaro Martino